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IMPRS™ The Star of The Show...

IMPRS™ is a state-of-the-art, web-enabled product returns system that represents a fundamental and revolutionary technological evolution in the reverse logistics industry.

IMPRS™ provides the ability to integrate returns processing into an infinite variety of operational options including:

  • Total outsourcing
  • In-house processing with remote system hosting
  • In-house system hosting with remote processing
  • Multiple processing sites with remote hosting
  • Analytical reporting on the effectiveness of your returns processing credit calculations


CyberCore Systems believes in maximizing automation throughout the entire returns handling process.  This solution employs the Company’s premier proprietary IMPRS™ (Internet Managed Product Returns Solution) technology platform.

Companies in virtually every product sector are faced with reverse distribution challenges.  IMPRS™ can be especially instrumental in those sectors with relatively high product values and asset recovery opportunities.

IMPRS™ is a web-enabled enterprise software system, providing high-speed worldwide access to real-time data by all authorized organizations involved in the returns cycle.  IMPRS™ employs the latest Microsoft® development technologies, enterprise database platforms, Citrix® technologies and proprietary, integrated knowledge-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems to provide the highest quality of reverse distribution management, which in turn provides users with greater cost control through economic efficiency.  Considerations can be applied to voice, optical, wireless, barcoding and robotic technologies where deemed appropriate and cost-effective.


The IMPRS™ software product encompasses all aspects of customer returns such as return authorizations, receiving, staging, recalls, product identification, waste or disposition characterization, multiple division and site handling, monitoring, integrated barcode identification and tracking. Additionally, CyberCore’s integrated proprietary knowledge-based systems provide dynamic, limitless control over returns policies, QA issues, fraud, counterfeiting and diversion detections.

Whether used internally by our PharmaReturn's division staff or licensed to the pharmaceutical manufacturer for their own in-house application, IMPRS™ offers efficient, secure and convenient centralized data storage, while at the same time providing worldwide remote access to authorized organizations for inventory management, processing, tracking, reporting and analysis.

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