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IMPRS™ Online


Remote Pharmaceutical Returns Processing
Anywhere, Anytime
IMPRS™ Online, from CyberCore Systems, Inc., provides a fully validated software and logistics system, representing a major leap in the processing of pharmaceutical returns. We offer 24/7 remote processing capabilities via the world-wide web. Based on our Internet Managed Product Returns Solution(IMPRS™) software, IMPRS™ Online provides the highest level of data security facilitated by Citrix and Microsoft SQL. 
Exceeding the Needs of Our Customers
IMPRS™ Online lets you process physical products, paperwork or electronic product returns seamlessly, providing real-time, online, customized reporting and data analyses. You have the ability to load your data (customers, products, lots, pricing, etc.) directly into IMPRS™ and extract processed data in multiple formats for reporting or interfacing with other systems.  Additionally, unique return rules can be established. 
Flexible Application
Look to IMPRS™ Online for increased profitability via today’s most efficient, complete, in-house business returns processing solution, with:
  • Efficient, complete in-house management
  • Remote hosting
  • Complete logistics outsourcing
  • 3PL outsource accountability
  • Complete regulatory compliance logistics

IMPRS™ Optimum


Do you think your returns can be OPTIMIZED?  Are you concerned you may be over crediting your customers?  If so, we have a solution for you in IMPRS™ OPTIMUM.
CyberCore Systems, Inc.’s unique IMPRS™ software capabilities provides pharmaceutical manufacturers the ability to integrate returns data into financial and customer service systems for streamlined overseeing of credits.


For customers looking to obtain even more out of your return processor’s data, we offer IMPRS™ Optimum to help you save valuable resource time, ensure returns pricing accuracy and proper crediting.


IMPRS™ Optimum lets you avoid the following critical inefficiencies:

  • Over-refunding customers
  • Incorrectly refunding customers
  • Incorrect policy application
  • Wasted resource time sifting through returns data to identify customer/wholesaler accounts
  • Wasted resource time determining proper crediting and pricing

You need IMPRS™ Optimum if you:

  • Think you can get more out of your return processor’s data
  • Are worried your staff isn’t properly determining crediting
  • Are unsure of the accuracy of your designated returns processing agent

VIEW Optimum Report Card

PharmaReturns, Inc.


Today’s Most Streamlined Approach to Physical Pharmaceutical Returns Processing
The PharmaReturns program provides the most technologically advanced, secure, and customizable automated returns processing solution ever introduced to the pharmaceutical manufacturers returns industry.  PharmaReturns is conveniently located in a state-of-the-art facility just 20 miles north of Philadelphia. Our full range of warehouse management, logistical services and outsourcing options ensures secure, efficient physical returns processing as well as recall and sample product processing for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Proprietary Software

The PharmaReturns processing solution includes online access to our unique, proprietary software product, Internet Managed Product Returns Solution (IMPRS™). With IMPRS™, you’re ensured of accuracy, reliability and full traceability.


Maximum Automation For Increased Efficiencies and Reduced Costs
Look to PharmaReturns for the utmost flexibility and accessibility in returns processing options.
Program highlights include:
  • Real-time review and available manual override of in-process work
  • Customized reporting and Excel format data analysis extractions
  • Real-time, 24/7 operational internet access
  • Check writing/credit approval
  • Recall processing
  • Product disposition & redistribution
  • Flexible application
  • Warehouse management
  • Knowledge-based policy and learning engine
  • Product identification/reconciliation
  • Barcode tracking
  • Product value determination
  • Customized, on-line reporting and monitoring


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